Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Decorating With String Lights

Apparently I have a thing for "stringlights". I just love them "all year around" and all over the house and garden. To me, they add warmth to a space. Here are some pictures of how I decorate with them in my home. Enjoy the pics! 
Simply put them in a glass jar

In my entry I have rattan ball stringlights in baskets with some fake greens.
Sorry, I need to take another picture CLOSE UP
 In my sons room I have a string of white star lights wrapped around his bookshelf.
This also makes for a great nightlight in the dark.

In our Bonus/Playroom I have a string of Lantern lights from Target hanging from the ceiling. It gives the BLAH colored wall some life!! Perfect for a playroom!
 This is a window nook high up in my entry. Had to get up there with a 15 foot ladder to decorate...Luckily I have an electrical outlet up there that I can turn on with a lightswitch.Up there is a large Ivy tree with stringlights wrapped around it and a large rattan ball wrapped in stringlights also. I just love my little window nook!!!
 This is about the most elegant piece of furniture in my house...A Schrank that I brought over from Germany. It is a Family piece. I used to DISLIKE it a lot when I was younger but over the
years I made peace with it...lol.....On top of the Schrank I have some Moss Topiarys
that I stuffed stringlights in the inside. 
 This is a little Boxwood ball, it's hard to tell in the picture but I also managed to stuff a
lightstring in it...haha...nothing is safe!!
 String Lights in a wine bottle...I love it! Found this little treasure at a Christmas bazaar!
 I think the tree looks much nicer when it glows...
These are some lighted branches that I purchased at Target.
 and another jar with lights in my kitchen

My craft room desk....also a cute display of stringlights on top
see the close up below.


and occasionally I've been known to even wrap lights around my child .....lol...
Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you come back often!

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