Tuesday, January 22, 2013

About Christine

Hi, I'm Christine. Welcome to my little blog.
What can I say about myself?
Wife, Mother, Bookkeeper, Animal lover,
PINTEREST Junky, Blog Addict!
We live in the Pacific Northwest, Mommy to one sweet
little boy and a 180 pound Newfoundland dog.
We also have a little fuzzy rabbit and a tortoise.
Since joining Pinterest about a year ago I have found so many
wonderful blog's from women that inspire me and that I relate
to, so I decided to jump into unfamiliar waters and have one myself.
When it comes to my home, I don't really have just
ONE particular style  that I stick to. I like to merge a
variety of styles and make it "me".
SHABBY CHIC, OLD WORLD and even love
MOROCCAN STYLE (Lantern Lover here)!
I definitely love rustic accents, nothing too formal.
The purpose of my blog is to motivate myself to do spend
a "little less time" on PINTEREST getting all these wonderful ideas,
and "more time"to actually do some of these projects
and crafty things around my house and garden and share
with others who enjoy them too!

I am looking forward to your comments.

You can email me directly at: