Monday, May 4, 2015

A Mothers Day Table On The Back Patio With Balsam Hill

Hello and Happy Mothers Day to you all!
Let me start out by saying I'm so excited to have been ask by Balsam Hill
to do a Mother's Day Inspired Spring Décor Post. I am flattered to have been
ask by such a great Company, what a treat!

I had tons of fun playing on the back patio and setting up a Mothers Day Table.

welI, an imaginary Mothers Day table that is, since both our Mom's are far away. 
My Mom is in Germany and my Mother In-Love is in Arizona. 
  I made a large chalkboard out of a piece of plywood, and in my haste
to write on it, I totally forgot to leave a space between Mothers and Day....
oh gawd, I am such a professional!
I hung some cute polka dot lanterns on a large stick I just placed over the fence

 I actually took the stick from our son's fort in the forest and I was told 
to return it when done (it's a special stick with ancient Indian carvings on

 I just love these tiny fairy string lights from Balsam Hill
I wrapped them around some more stolen/borrowed branches

These gorgeous battery operated candles from Balsam Hill are just amazing. I wish
you guys could see how gorgeous they flicker, just like the real thing, and they
come with a little remote to turn them on and off.

I wrapped some twine around the candles and attached some pictures
of both my Mom and my husband's Mom. This turned out to be such a cute little
Mothers Day Display and so simple
 And how gorgeous are those fairy lights in the Twilight?

 And here is a little chuckle for you. While I was busy taking pictures on the patio, 
Bugsy was chillin on the back deck in his new favorite spot....
He looks as if I had placed him stinkin' cute

Again a BIG THANKS to Balsam Hill for asking me to do this blog post, 
I hope I did not let you guys down.
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