Thursday, March 12, 2015

Decorating With Old Windows

Hola Amigas, if you follow my blog you might remember a previous post of mine on 
How To Decorate With Old Doors ? Well, I got so much lovely comments and new visitors 
from that post, I decided to put together another collage for you, this time on inspiration on 
"HOW TO DECORATE WITH OLD WINDOWS". So here ya go sweets...
I know you will be inspired by all the talented bloggers out there....I know my head is 
still spinning from putting the collage together!

I tried real hard to link back to the original source of the pictures. Please let me know if I made a mistake somewhere and I will change it ASAP. 

This frame belongs to my BESTEST friend Michi from Bavaria. She does not have a 
blog, she send me this pic a while back and I loaded it onto Pinterest. Here is the link

This window frame is ours, hanging in our powder room.
Here is a link to that blog post

 I hope you got some great ideas here today, I know I will
be on the look-out for more old windows!!!!!! 

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